Welcome to my Funding Page! You might not think so but swimming across the English Channel requires quite a bit of financial support and hopefully you’d be willing to help me with that! 🙂 

On this page you can donate through paypal/creditcard by clicking on the donate button or if you’d rather transfer the money yourself, click on one of the images and you will be directed to the website of your bank. Below you can see how much money I’ve raised so far and how much I still need to reach my goal of €8.000,-

I thank you kindly in advance!I am not doing this to raise money for charity; I am doing this for my personal development, as a soul-seeking mission and to conquer my fear. 

Special thanks to: Katrien Penders-van Kimmenade, Karlijn Penders, Aart van Eldik, Mirriam Guljé, Thomas Penders, Mark Kaye (3x), Bart van Hille,  Vincent de Jong, Jeroen Plat, Ellien ten Cate, Koen Wagenbuur, Johan Reekers,  Danielle Ribs,  Steven Zaat, Georgette Guljé, Eduard & Michelle Whery, Christof Penders, Maarten Vis, Gerdie Schreuders & Marc Hijkoop, Familie Boelen, Familie Brons, Marly Venes, Sheila Keijser, Tim van Bodegraven, Jacqueline vd Fits, Familie van Balen, Thijs & Rozemarijn Stol, Wouter Balk, Yuri Verbruggen, Annemieke de Visser, Fam. de Cock, Fam. Winkeler, Fam. Offringa, Mirjam Wallien, Daan Zijdervedl, Fam. van Liefland, Rob Overloop, Ramses & Marja Serno, Remco Alkemade, corporate sponsors, all the people that bought a lottery ticket and all the bidders at the auction.

Bank Account: NL41INGB0758269137

To: V.I. Penders
Description: Channel Swim Donation